Mittwoch, 14. Juli 2010

Reactions to the result of the election 2009

In their first election, the GFL already achieved more than 13% of the votes. At the same time, the CDU lost about 14% of their votes. The CDUs' own comment on this was: „Maybe our politic was too clean.“ Isn't it weird to talk about being clean if they are in favour of a dirty coal-burning power plant, especially when they know that the citizens are against it? Furthermore the head of the town alliance of the CDU, Herbert Jahn, accused the GFL of having persuaded the citizens with aggressive slogans that are rather propaganda than fulfillable aims.
Another interesting aspect is the fact, that it was also the first election the UWG took place in. Still they only achieved 2,4%, which was quite disappointing. But it also shows, that the GFL did not only get that much votes because they are a new alternative, but because the really convinced the people.
After all, it were CDU and SPD who were the big losers of this election. Still they are quite confident for the future, because they do not believe in the aims of the GFL and are more or less sure, that the GFL will not be able to keep all their promises. Future will show, whether the GFL deserves the peoples' trust.

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