Freitag, 16. Juli 2010

Small parties and citizen groups in the USA - Workers Party

Another small left-wing party is the Workers Party. Their main aims are:

- abolish capitalism, especially monopoly capitalism

- a political system, in which the masses of people are able to participate directly

- in political decisions

- secure jobs and high standard for everybody

- free medical care

- secure pension

- right to housing, shelter ans food

- free and equal education

- abolish war

- withdraw all american troops abroad

The party was founded in 2003 and ever since then had no noteworthy successes. The leading member was Michael Thoburn, who died in 2007. He was also the editor of The Worker, a biweekly newsletter published by the party.

Another very important and interesting fact is, that there were many other american parties known by the same name, which only existed for some years all in all.

Those are:

- Workers Party of America, 1921 – 1929

- American Workers Party, 1933 – 1934

- Workers Party of the United States, 1934

- Workers Party, 1940 – 1949

- American Communist Party

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