Montag, 28. Juni 2010

Staying local

The GFL really keeps focused on their aims. Thus they did not run for the mayor elections in 2009.
Their primary aims are:

to be one of the three strongest parties in the council of Lünen
to decrease the votes of CDU and SPD to under 50% (beforehand SPD and CDU had about 80% of the votes altogether)
to redeem the coalition of SPD and CDU in Lünen

To achieve those aims it was necessary to concentrate on the local elections rather than to waste energy on any other targets. This shows, that the GFL is really interested in improving their local environment and not to gain an much power for themselves as they possibly can.

Impressively they were quite successful in the elections in 2009. Remember, they formed in December 2007. When the council of Lünen was elected in August 2009, the GFL already achieved 13,1% of the votes. These were the first elections they took part in and they already were among the three strongest parties in Lünen:

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  1. Wow, I was always being told that I should built a party myself if I want to have things change ( or, of course enter one that shares my opinions). But I didn't quite believe that such a new party could become that successfull within a two-years term.
    It really is impressive how they organized themselves so quickly. Since the party really wants to stay focused on putting through their ideas, they run for local elections only and I believe that track is kind of the key to establishing itself as a renown party.
    Still, as we all doubt in human good will and just assume that parties sooner or later will seek for more and more power, I hope the GFL clarifies their motivations for participating in elections.

    I would be interested in how they organize themselves, especially in fields of attracting attention and in a second step convincing the people to vote for them.