Mittwoch, 14. Juli 2010

How they organize themselves

There were several reasons for the GFL to found. They were not satisfied with the politics of mainly CDU and SPD. After the foundation they decided on main subjects – including more than only the power plant issue – and formed work groups. Every work group deals with different issues such as:

education and sports

makes suggestions about: new building, reconstruction or deformation of schools and sports facilities

citizens' service and social

budget, economy and energy

works on financial aspects, economic development of the town ...


deals with everything concerning youth, family and children

culture and free time

deals with issues concerning school, culture and free time: school sport facilities, leisure time facilities, touristic issues

security and order

fire control, public safety, declension, street cleaning, graveyards, traffic...

urban development

traffic, building new roads, grassed areas, garden plots, regional projects

Those work groups have decided on several main points they fight for. The people being active in those groups are normal citizens who decided to become active in politics, such as teachers, doctors but also pensioners.

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