Sonntag, 27. Juni 2010

7 Reasons against the coal-burning power plant

1. Health
The coal-burning power plant would be the 8th in a 30 kilometer ambit. Due to such a high amount of power plants in that area the critical value was crossed several times and another power plant would increase the problem even more.

2. Economical and fiscal reasons
The power plant will cost 1400 million euros. Costs like for the CO2-certificate will occur later. Furthermore the power plant will have big disadvantages compared to renewable energy, so the prospective tax profit will not be as high as the politicians expect it to be

3.Legal Risk
Currently the BUND (Bund Umwelt- und Naturschutz Deutschland e.v.) wails against the construction of the power plant. This case could take years and if the BUND wins all the money, which was already invested, will be lost.

4. Out-dated technology
Coal-burning power plants are after all outdated, especially when compared to renewable energy. Furthermore the degree of efficiency of the power plant in Lünen will only be about 45% because it will be built like older power plants without new technology which would increase the degree of efficiency to about 70%

5. Climate
Climate change is a great danger nowadays. Power plants which eject such a big amount of CO2 should be rather banished than newly built.

6. Landscape
Thus there are already a lot of power plants in the area around another one is just too much. It would disturb the landscape around and destroy a lot of the green area.

7. Depreciation of estates
The houses and estates around will lose a lot of their value. This is taken from the estimation from the Immobilienverband IG West from 2008

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