Sonntag, 27. Juni 2010

Why GFL – Gemeinsam für Lünen

The GFL is a small political party that was formed by 9 citizens in December 2007. Before that those citizens were trying to prevent the construction of a new coal-burning power plant which is planned to be built in Lünen. They organized meetings to inform the residents about the power plant, collected signatures and invited politicians to talk about the issue, but still the plan to build the power plant was not cancelled. Though meanwhile many citizens stated, that they are strictly against a coal-burning power plant in their city, government still holds on to the plan because it is going to earn them a lot of money. Most of the parties were even not interested in talking to the people and never attended one of the meetings.

The business manager of Trianel, the company which is going to build the power plant, officially said that if the majority of votes stated that Lünen does not want the power plant it will not be built. But CDU, FDP and SPD just ignored the voices of the citizens. The prospective profit is more important than what the public wants.

After they realized that the existing parties are not going to change anything, 9 citizens decided to change something on their own and so the GFL was founded.
Their plan was to offer a long-ranging alternative for the voters for the local election in 2009. Their main interests were and are still:

- the prevention of the building of the power plant and thus energy policy in general

- climate- and environment protection

- finances

- economy

- education

- cultural interests

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